Pine’s Eye

Pine’s Eye at Talbot Rice Gallery

18 April 2018, 7pm

A series of provocations by artists, poets and academics, Pine’s Eye is a diverse evening of performances navigating contemporary themes linked by the story of Pinocchio. With the exhibitions of David Claerbout and Rachel Maclean as a backdrop, 14 performances will explore the dramatic consequences of what happens when objects come to life, when they bear the trace of historic figures, when we project human values onto animals, feel fake and attempt to rationalise miracles. With a number of twists and turns, revelations and surprises, Pine’s Eye offers two hours of thought-provoking ideas, visions and experiences.

Pine’s Eye also helps to launch the Trans Image 2018 Conference on the Latent Image.

Admission £5 Booking is essential HERE.


Michael Barr

Maddie Breeze

Sean Patrick Campbell

Jamie Collin

Richard Coyne

Cathy Dwyer

Marjorie Lotfi Gill

Katy Hastie

Adrien Hester and Sean Patrick Campbell

Beverly Hood, with Magnus Sinding

Kate Keohane

Marianne MacRae

Craig Manson

Gudrun Soley

Dave Ward

Image credit: Beverley Hood, Eidolon, 2017. Photo: Alicia Bruce

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